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Probably, every Internet user had communication in the videochat.On these sites you can easily find new friends, make the acquaintances, discuss common topics, share your thoughts and problems.However, there are lovers of communication which completely forget about their personal safety in the Internet.Who knows, maybe, your penfriend isn't a person for whom he claims to be.

It's so easy to be a cute naïve girl, a solid man wearing glasses or a muscled macho in front of the camera.Videochats are good in this way that make it possible to present yourself in more favorable light, to hide in a small screen and come up with a new name.Here is a list of rules that will help videochat users to protect themselves from the important problems in their life, maintain health and, sometimes, their lives.

1.Nickname(alias name)should never contain your personal information or carry any semantic load.It should not include your real name, surname, place of residence and personal phone number.Moreover, the nickname, created by this rule, always does the user's identity more mysterious, alluring and interesting.

2.You should always keep anonymity during your communication.You must not inform your surname, patronymic, home address, place of residence, place of study(work) or any other personal information.This requirement is the most important for e-wallets, credit cards and passport data.

3.It is necessary to avoid contact with a stranger privately.It is recommended to communicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend providing additional security and witnesses for yourself.

4.Under no circumstances you shouldn't agree on a personal meeting with “a friend from the videochat”.People who allow such mistake, often become victims of extortion, fraud, crimes and even murders(enough to look through the criminal chronicle).Keeping these rules will help you in some way to provide personal safety during the communication in chats and forums.It is also important to understand that not all network users, on the RuCamera.com site, are cute and “fluffy”in life.Perhaps, an attacker support communication only for finding another naïve person.

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