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Rules for girls

There are a few simple rules to have a good time and get the most positive emotions.

In such a delicate case as the choice of a partner (if still virtual) are important any details. Video profile - is your business card. Particular care attributed to its completion. After all, even your choice of a nickname can tell a lot about you.

It is important to choose the purpose of dating.You can find some suitable options for any purpose.The option “for love” is optimally.Such option as “for sex” is for not deter serious-minded young people.The option”for family life” is for not particularly active alerted romantics.

Video avatаr.It's the first that will form an opinion about you. Record avatra is like a choice of the outfit for a first date. Do not take it too seriously,everything should be felt easily and simply. However, despite the fact that you're at home,evening dress and curlers are hardly suitable for home recording.

Try not to overdo too bright makeup. And there won't be any languid phrases and banalities. Be yourself and, of course,smile more. Next, you have two options. Standard option is to view existing profiles,to select suitable candidates,to add them as friends and to wait until they contact you. Or take a risk and start searching online companion. After all, this is a chatroulette feature, you never know who you'll see the next second.

After a couple of clicks the "next", you can quite meet his name. And if it happened to you - Oh. Beautiful, smiling and funny. You should not miss him. If a guy is inactive, you start a conversation, and the sooner you start it, the more chances you have to hook him. In addition to a quick "hello", it is better to prepare some useful phrases. There is a choice of yours, but keep in mind that sometimes confusing phrase, "Hello, do you like salad?" has more experience than boring "Hey, what are you doing, how are you?"

Chat Roulette - Chat is a surprise. But even if your next companion will seem strange to you or absurd - do not laugh at him. First of all, it's just rude, and second,you can stumble upon him again.

The first talk as a first date - is sure to be inconvenient. But is not it romantic? Relax, try to have a good time, have fun. Even if this is not your prince, he may be simply pleasant and interesting interlocutor, agree, it isn't too bad.

Be original. Video chat - this is an unusual way to make the acquaintance, and, therefore, you have to act strange. Invite him for coffee - a virtual coffee. Flavored cappuccino will give you both the energy for long romantic conversations.

Use all the power of video chat. You can show him your room, your beloved cat or some photos from your prom at high school.

Do not try to rush things - do not just appoint him a meeting or discuss when and where you will spend your next vacation. You can add him to your friends, and the next time when he is in the network, you'll continue your communication.

Try to extend the fun. Meetings in the network are intriguing. Romance can be virtual. Arrange your handpicked evening by candlelight, put on your favorite dress and switch on music. And be sure,with a couple of surprises,he will look forward to seeing you again.

And the most important rule - do not try to be perfect!

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