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Rules for boys

You set up a webcam, sit back in your chair ... what's next? It's time for some useful Rules for beginners.

Looking for. Next you need to select the purpose of dating of the options that are offered on site. Certainly, honesty is a great quality, but you need to understand that by choosing the option "for sex," you frighten off those girls who principally want to find a good company, and to reduce the number of potential chosen ones.

Before going out to the chat would be nice to think about your appearance and the view behind you. After all, your favorite stretch t-shirt  and some dirty cups on a background hardly won't be interested for anyone. Also,no need to become bare, even if you are a sporty guy -don't rush things.

So, you're in the chat room! You can view the ready-made profiles and add them as friends, or try your luck through random search. Less view the ready-made profiles because a girl can not be online right now, while the random search gives you only the images of girls that are online at the moment. After all, the meetings are always intriguing and interesting.

Always first  start a conversation, it will allow you to capture the initiative from the first minutes.Offering a new topic of conversation - you can immediately make the girl feel comfortable.
The first communication in the network - is the same as the first trip to the cinema, the first evening in a cozy cafe or a night walk through the city. Do not be afraid of awkward pauses, because they lend charm to your virtual date.

Avoid banal phrases and questions like "how are you", "what", "where are you". Of course, to find out what city the girl comes from - this is important, and can help in developing the conversation, but not everyone will say something about Usole-Siberian.You should have some unusual questions like "what super human powers would you like to have?" Believe me, it's much more effective way to generate interest among girls than asking "how old are you."

If the girl did not make an impression on you, and you want to switch,don't forget to tell her something like, "So far, it was very nice to talk to." Otherwise you won't look in the best light, but,in particular,impressionable young ladies can and do take it to heart.

If all original ways you've used, and the jokes and funny stories from your childhood are repeated-try to give her a gift. Known rule as"girl's best friends are diamonds" still has not been canceled. Delivery of jewelry is very problematic, and premature, but the virtual cute teddy bear will definitely make her smile.

Do not call her out on a date once. This may scare off even the most daring girls. Let events run their course, and you may soon notice a certain charm of virtual romance.

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