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Typical troubles

I have a video chat not working.

Your system should not be restrictions on the transfer of UDP packets addressed to port 1935 (such restrictions could create a firewall, antivirus application or proxy server).
Your browser must also have a FLASH player version 10 or higher.

I do not see the video and / or chats

If you are having trouble seeing the video or chats, we recommend that you clear your browser cache, delete temporary Internet files and verify Cookies (Cookies must be enabled!). To clear the browser cache, do the following:
For Microsoft Internet Explorer: Tools -> Options -> Delete
For Mozilla Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Clear Now

What devices are needed to use video chats?

In order to take advantage of video chat, you must have the following devices connected to your computer:



-Speakers or headphones

Why I can not hear my friend?

Most likely the problem is that the other side exposed to the microphone volume low. You can solve this problem ask your friend to increase the microphone volume.
I can not tell about the acceptable content and behavior of the interlocutor?
First of all, we want to say that I am very sorry that some of our members behaved unworthily. We really do not care about peace and confidence in our service among our customers. If you see what you think is inappropriate content, simply click the "Abuse".

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