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Nowadays a webcamera has become an integral attribute of any person whohas a computer and the Internet access. But how to choose a webcamera which would be optimal in all parameters?In this article we consider the basic principles of choosing webcams and their main differences. So, you've decided to buy a webcam. To begin with, we define the purpose for buying it.

People often buy it for communication through the videochat  or its similar internet-video-messenger. As the development of the Internet in Russia at the moment, despite its spread, doesn't possess huge speeds and a lot of users sit through the 3G-modem, so the highest image quality isn't useful for us.

Parameter 1. Megapixels. At present, many producers of webcams compete, who will have more megapixels in the product. In fact, 0. 3 megapixels are enough for everyday tasks, such as communication through Skype. It's the video resolution of 640*480 pixels, which is almost the same as a standard DVD-movie has. At such resolution not much traffic is spen, and not too high data rate is used. So, such resolution is ideal for users which have not too fast Internet(for example, the same 3G-modems). But if you have high-speed wired home Internet, then yiu can watch with a higher resolution model-1. 3 or even 2 megapixels. Pay special attention to the inscription ”interpolation” on the webcam package because the 12Mpxls inscription(in the interpolation)means that this camera can only take pictures with such resolution but their quality won't be good.

Parameter 2. Fixing. It depends on where you want to place your new webcam. If it is LCDmonitor or a laptop, then choose the model with mount type”bracket”, when the camera is fixed directly to the top of the monitor. If you have CRTmonitor(large, with cathode-ray tube), then such mount won't be suitable for you, and an ideal choice will be a webcam on the leg-so you can put it on the monitor, table or any other surface.

Parameter 3. Indicator. A lot of modern webcams have the indicator of work. It's often an ordinary LED which is located on the front of the webcam. If you are planning to conduct covert filming, or use a webcam for observing a certain area, it's better to choose a model without any indicator. However, even if you liked the model with indicator, noone bothers you to use a duct tape.

 Parameter 4. Price. This option has much in common with the fifth parameter in your choosing, ie with a manufacturer. In this case, the phrase”More expensive is better”plays a great role. However, pay attention to the webcams manufacturing company, because well-known companies, of course, exhibit higher prices. It's better to find a compromise, but if you need the highest quality-don't be stingy and spend more money. In future you'll be satisfied.

Parameter 5. Manufacturer. Most often, when choosing a webcam, the true statement ”More well-known manufacturers is higher quality”is perfect. However, the price will bite much for this. So, if you don't have much money, or if you don't want to spend much money on your new webcam, the easiest way is to ask your friends, what webcam firm they use and if they are satisfied with the quality. Most often, such simple question will help you to solve your problem.



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